Good farmers produce an abundance of healthy food and many other valuable goods too. Farmers take care of the soil, they conserve water resources and wildlife and they're the caretakers of mother nature. Farmers play a significant role in community life.

One of the biggest issues that farmers face is lack of infrastructure. This includes poor roads, transportation facilities and so on. Farmers have to depend on others for transport services which increase their costs significantly.

Health risks for farmers and farm workers include: Exposure to farm chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers, as well as toxic gases which may be produced from common farm practices like manure decomposition and silo crop storage

Peasant farmers and their family members are vulnerable to diseases and poor health systems
Limited resources and financial weakness makes it difficult for farm owners to purchase modern inputs for the farm. Indeed, the construction of farm buildings is relatively costly and the transformation of agriculture is more difficult owing to its small size.

HealthStrong provides farmers the platform to come together with one power and voice. As a group, farmers are empowered through direct donations, community projects and group initiatives. Collectively, they own the benefits!

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